Euroregion Window

Permanent network of film festivals in Alentejo, Algarve and Andalusia

This project aims to consolidate the links and partnerships between cultural organisations working in cinema in the AAA Euroregion (Alentejo, Algarve, Andalusia) in order to strengthen cross-border dialogue and cooperation.
Following their participation in a training programme coordinated by Al Tarab last year, where they were able to get to know one another, form bonds, share ideas and plan potential joint projects, the directors and programmers of 8 film festivals, 4 in Andalusia and 4 in Alentejo/Algarve, are keen to continue working together to create a permanent network of film festivals in the AAA Euroregion and introduce a joint African and diasporic cinema section at their respective events and festivals.
The project goes beyond this joint programme and seeks to establish a dynamic, structured network of film festivals in the Euroregion in order to showcase the events participating in the project.
The festivals participating in the ‘Euroregion Window’ project are: Portimão Film Festival, Heritages (Évora), cross-border festival Periferias (Marvão | Valencia de Alcántara), FIKE (Évora), FICCAB (Benalmádena), FICSAN (San Roque), Cortogenial (Puente Genil) and FCAT.